two brothers start a fry joint

Meet Us

Bag Lady’s is not your conventional eatery and we don't intend on becoming one. We’re a fry joint created by two Nashville-native brothers that believe fries have been completely disrespected!

You know when you go to most restaurants and see fries hidden in the sides section of the menu? Have you ever opened up your meal, ready for some fresh and crispy fries, and bite your teeth into cold, soggy, and stale fries? We’ve been there and hated it! 

It didn’t make sense to us that fries have always been the ultimate comfort food, yet we were treated like the world’s side piece… That all ends now! Fast forward to today and Bag Lady’s is the fastest-growing fast-casual fry joint that aims to redefine the traditional potato fry into a variety of exciting new dishes.

The name Bag Lady’s comes from the two important women in our lives, Vesta Sherrill and Irene Foster, our grandmothers. You see, growing up,  these ladies were the matriarchs of our families and we spent so much time watching them get down in the kitchen.

Like so many grandmothers, cooking and food was their love language. These ladies passed down a special way of preparing and frying the fries to get a crispy outside and soft and mushy inside and we want to bring them to the world!Come Get to the Bag


From scratch cooking to customer service, our field team makes magic happen every day in our food truck and restaurant.

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