Two Brothers

Turning 'No' Into 'Now

When the world said 'pause,' we pressed 'play' on our dreams.After a bank denial left us at a crossroads, COVID-19's unexpected twist turned our brick-and-mortar dreams to dust. But with hearts too stubborn for defeat, we pivoted with grit, launching a food truck that would soon sizzle its way into Nashville's story.

Now, our food truck’s success has paved the way for a vibrant brick-and-mortar location in the historic Buchanan Arts District of Nashville, and we're already cooking up plans to spread the Bag Lady's flavor even further. Join us on the journey!

"No Purses, No Erykah Badu: The Real Story Behind Bag Lady's Name"

"How Did Y’all Come Up With That Name?" might sound like a question we get over a casual chat at the counter, and truth be told, it's a story we never tire of sharing. 'Bag Lady's' isn't just a catchy name we pulled from thin air; it's a heartwarming homage to the two most influential women in our lives—our grandmothers, Vesta and Irene.

These incredible women were the original "Bag Ladies," known in our family for their unparalleled hand-cut fries, lovingly prepared and stored in brown paper bags. These weren't ordinary fries; they were slices of comfort, seasoned with love and years of culinary wisdom. Whenever our family gathered, those bags were like treasure chests, opening up to shared laughter, stories, and, of course, the best fries we've ever tasted.

Choosing the name 'Bag Lady's' for our venture was our way of carrying their legacy forward, blending their love for feeding hearts and bellies into every aspect of our business. It’s a nod to the simple yet profound joy their cooking brought into our lives, and now, through our food truck and brick-and-mortar location in Nashville's Buchanan Arts District, we aim to spread that joy further.

So, every time someone asks, "How did y’all come up with that name?" we smile, thinking of Vesta and Irene, and say, "It’s all thanks to the original bag ladies in our lives."

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with a side of Nostalgia

Stepping into Bag Lady's Fry Joint isn't just about satisfying your hunger; it's a dive into a pool of nostalgia, especially for those of us who grew up in the fantastic blur of the 90s. Remember the days when our eyes weren't glued to tablets, but we were outside until the street lights flickered on? When music was downloaded on Napster or Limewire, and our version of a 'switch' had nothing to do with Nintendo but everything to do with a certain tree in the yard?

Here, fries take center stage, surrounded by a supporting cast of Nashville burgers, chicken tenders, wings, wraps, salads, and shakes—guaranteed to satisfy every tastebud. Whether you're here for the golden crunch of cheese fries or our vegan delights, we've got you covered.

But we're serving up more than just fantastic food. Bag Lady's is a tribute to the 90s, crafting an ambiance thick with the beats of hip-hop, the soul of R&B, and the nostalgic echoes of iconic movies and video games from the golden decade. It's what we like to call 'vibe dining'—an elevated cultural immersion that not only tantalizes your taste buds but transports you back to the simplicity and joy of childhood.

So, look here, growing up in the 90s was a time like no other, where if you didn't eat what was on the table, well, you just didn't eat. We're bringing that same straightforward, no-nonsense love to our food, ensuring every bite is packed with quality, flavor, and a side of sweet, sweet nostalgia. Welcome to Bag Lady's, where every meal is a trip down memory lane, and the vibes are just as good as the grub.

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